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Rachel Weaver, Vanleer, TN

“Mr. Stevens was very helpful in answering any questions. I never felt pressured in the meetings. He gave direct answers and suggestions. A kind, understanding man.”

Joyce Sykes, McEwen, TN

“I have been very satisfied with Mr. John Stevens with his experience & knowledge in preparing our family trust and other documents that we needed. I would certainly recommend him to anyone who is in need of having this done.”

Robert Stephens, Charlotte, TN

“I was very satisfied with the service I received on my estate planning. Mr. Stevens was very helpful.”

Eloise Bradley, Gallatin, TN

“ … I want to say thank you for your help. The day I attended your workshop on Irrevocable Trust, I was pleased to realize you were a former student of mine. I knew I could trust you based on my knowledge of you as a young man in school. Your presentation was professional and informative. I was impressed and made an appointment to follow through on making a trust. My son came with me to our first private meeting. He was impressed with you and your knowledge…good to know that you will keep me informed of in changes in how involved in trust and that I can contact you for any changes I might need to make in the future. I will highly recommend you and your firm to anyone I know who wants to protect their assets. Thank you again for helping me make it easier on my son in settling my estate.”

The Solbergs, Jackson, TN

“ 1st– Seminar held in pleasant and spacious venue with very interesting facts about trust. Also the opportunity to choose from menu with delicious food pleasantly presented. 2nd– John and wife both friendly and polite throughout the process. 3rd– Information given and answers to question very informative and knowledgeable. 4th– John very interested in family’s reason for trust and dynamics of all involved (family members). This was very important in setting up the matter desired in the trust.”

Jimmy & Martha Stewart, Franklin, TN

“I was very satisfied with the service I received on my estate planning. Mr. Stevens was very helpful.”

Susan & David D’Angelo, Dickson, TN

“Mr. Stevens helped to provide security of our home, so our children don’t get caught up in the probate system. This was a quick, professional and private service provided by an ultimate professional.”

Klaus & Norma Glueck, Bolivar, TN

“Let it be known to all it may concern, [we] are total satisfied with the professionalism and experience in the way you handled our trust. We will recommend you and your services to all others who may be in need of such.”

Virgil & Jolene Roberts, Kenton, TN

“My wife and I decided we needed to make some financial plans for our waning years. Making an appointment with an attorney was not something we were excited about, this is why our meeting with Mr. Stevens was so refreshing. Mr. Stevens made us feel at ease as he answered all our legal questions and advised us regarding our estate planning. Mr. Stevens also made us feel as people as well as a client. We not only discussed wills and trust, we also discussed baseball, current events, even our favorite Christmas desserts. We entered his office looking for a good lawyer. We left feeling we had found a good friend.”

James & Jackye Stanfield, Bon Aqua, TN

“My wife and I were considering having our estate put in a trust. Recently we received information to attend an estate planning meeting with John Stevens. His knowledge of what we wanted and needed was a great relief for us. His presentation was excellent and easy to understand. We recommend John Stevens for any estate planning needs you may have.”

Donald & Faye Spann, Burns, TN

“It’s good that you in your law practice specialize in Planning and Settling Estates. Our experience to date exceeds expectations! We like your informal approach in sharing your knowledge.”

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