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Summertime Blues

School starts back tomorrow. That is an exciting something that is beginning. It also means that summer is over. That is a not so exciting ending. It brings emotions which I'm not sure I can accurately or fully describe. Nostalgic is the word that comes to mind. I think of my summer days as a child. Days filled with bike riding, swimming, chores, travelling with family in an unairconditioned car, and, sometimes, boredom.

Nostalgia is an interesting emotion. I am not sure it is in the "happy" camp or the "sad" camp. I am quite certain that the memories upon which I reflect are good memories. And yet, they leave a feeling of melancholy, which I attribute to the realization that those things have past and cannot be undone or redone. It is not regret but acknowledgment of things that simply...are.

Perhaps it is the unease of knowing it is something that is out of our control. We fancy our ability to have some say in our future. Compared to the past, we at least have a fighting chance with the way things may go. But the past is fixed. Set.

So, let us go on about going about doing something today. Is there something on your list that has been on it for sometime...undone?

One such thing that I hear on a regular basis from people is their intent to "set things up." If you have not done so and you are looking for a counselor to help sort out your ideas and put them into a plan, don't wait. Take that step today. Register for one of my upcoming workshops or simply contact the office to set up a time to visit about it.

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