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Joseph & Wanda Saputo, Milan, TN

“Thank you for the excellent service provided. We now have peace of mind knowing we have taken the necessary steps to protect our estate for our children.”

Robert & Jo Nell Montgomery, Scotts Hill, TN

“For a long time, my husband and I have been concerned about our daughters’ inheritance. We have grown more concerned due to more Wills going into probate, and seeing more people go into long term care facilities and losing their homes and assets. I was referred to John Stevens by Nathan O’Bryant (who spoke highly of Mr. Stevens). My husband and I met with him, and after much contemplation, agreed that a Trust would be the best option to protect our assets and make sure our end-of-life wishes would be fulfilled. Mr. Stevens and his staff were very professional, friendly, and accommodating. The Trust was prepared in a timely manner (about a month). I would recommend John Stevens to anyone interested in avoiding probate and secure assets for their children and grandchildren. I didn’t realize that a Trust also works as a prenuptial agreement for the surviving spouse as well. A Trust is a way to avoid more costly legal fees down the road.”

William & Pat Whitby, Friendship, TN

“My wife and I wanted to keep our timberland in the family for another generation to allow it to reach its full economic potential, and also to enable our grandchildren to enjoy it as we and our children have. We had attended several state planning seminars and knew that we wanted to establish a family trust. John was the first to offer up-front pricing and was the only one where the law firm did estate work exclusive of anything else. These two facts along with John’s obvious knowledge and expertise made our decision to hire him to prepare our trust and take care of all of our final plans fairly easy. We are very pleased with our family trust. John got right on it and made us feel that he was in it for the long haul and would be our advocate if any problem ever came up. He clearly explained the legal requirements, discussed with us all of our options, and we made the decisions. We were especially impressed with the professionalism, attention to detail and the personal attention we received.”

Robert Russell, Jackson, TN

“I have reached the stage in life that there are fewer days ahead than behind and I needed to provide simplicity to heirs. Not being a native of Tennessee or having any fundamental knowledge of what would be best for me I turned to John on the recommendation of my financial advisor; this turned out to be an excellent call. John walked me through what is the best practice in Tennessee for me. Interviewing me in a brief session, John quickly and seamlessly presented a path tailored to my specific status at my current state of life. Using a template of simple to answer questions that addressed specific items that I needed to consider, like what did I want in case of life threatening emergencies, who would I like to have any assets that would outlive me, and did I have an unusual needs? The result was a package which included a simple Trust and setting up documents to avoid probate. With the executed documents I am most comfortable that when I am gone my estate will quickly be settled per my desires thanks to John and his team. I confidently recommend John Stevens as a competent attorney who will meet your best interests.”

Rick & Carole Flood, Tennessee

“Our experience with John Stevens and his staff was outstanding. He made our estate planning process understandable and painless. It is complex and detailed but John walked us through each step and gave us confidence in what we were doing. Following his advice has given us a great deal of peace of mind.”

Rita Lanell Duggar, Huntingdon, TN

“I really enjoyed working with Mr. Stevens and staff. I was impressed with his knowledge of my estate planning. Could not have been a better experience. Thank you.”

Corinne & John Arnold, Huntingdon, TN

“We have considered various avenues as we approached our estate planning. We have not found a more thorough and efficient guide than John Stevens of ThomaWalters law. We rest at ease having our final affairs organized in our portfolio. John’s reasonable fee is more than fair for the outstanding service and insight he provided us.”

Nancy Carnal, Wildersville, TN

“John Stevens is a family man, well-thought-of man, and I am satisfied with the job of my mother’s estate. I would refer him to anyone.”

Billy & Jane Clark, Wildersville, TN

“We have been thinking for more than a year that we needed to do something about our estate. A few weeks ago, we heard John Stevens speak at a seminar and decided it was time to do something. We went to Senator Stevens’ office for a consultation and were convinced he was the best person for the job. We got him to do an Irrevocable Living Trust, and we were well pleased. He was professional, considerate, and made every effort to answer our questions and concerns. A few days ago we finalized our estate planning and we are happy to have it behind us.”

Dorothy Agee, McLemoresville, TN

“Recently, my son, Tim Agee, and I had John Stevens draw up an Irrevocable Trust for my estate. He had been highly recommended by my grandson. We found his suggestions to be helpful, and greatly appreciated his honesty and integrity. In a small town it’s wonderful to find someone of this quality to help you for three weeks.”

James & Joan Pritchett, Martin, TN

"The expertise shown by the ThomasWalters law firm is rewarding knowing our Revocable Living Trust is complete. Knowing our needs and goals have been met. Even after our meetings we continued to have follow up questions which were answered in a timely manner. A recommendation would have been to have this done at an earlier age.”

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